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Cutting-Edge New Building Materials

Photo by Mississippi Watershed Management Organization

Realtors can add value to their service by familiarizing themselves with cutting-edge materials, products and systems that can make homes more durable, sustainable, energy-efficient and appealing to a wide segment of future buyers.

Realtor Magazine has listed some great choices in new building materials, along with reasons why they are a wise investment. Among those choices are:

Permeable Pavers that allow the ground to absorb water directly, rather than sending it into streets or down sewers;

Green Roof Tiles manufactured from recycled content, offer a cost-effective, environmentally friendly option. They stand up to strong winds thanks to the way their exposed sections are fastened to the roof. Their corrugated design also allows cool air to pass through and ventilate an attic.

Tankless Water Heater reduce energy consumption by heating water only when needed.

Solar Facade incorporates angled wood louvers that absorb different amounts of solar heat depending on the season, back-vented glazing that either traps warm air or releases it depending upon energy needs, and insulated panels that cut construction time.

To read more go to Realtor Magazine.


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