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Do You Want To Be Successful?

Building SuccessAny Realtor working throughout America, if asked, “Do you want to be successful?” would answer with a resounding, “Yes”.

However, not every Realtor is successful. What is holding some Realtors back from reaching their true sales potential? I believe the answer is quite simple: Successful Realtors are willing to do what their counterparts are unwilling to do.

Take a few moments now to consider what you are willing to do to build your builder business. Are you willing to visit with builder salespeople to ask questions and develop a working relationship? Are you willing to take classes to learn more about builder sales? Are you willing to attend builder events to meet and greet builder salespeople? Are you willing to sit in a builder’s unsold inventory?

Write down those things that you will do, starting today, that will differentiate you from every Realtor you work with and compete against. Then begin doing those things consistently … day after day … week after week and before you know it you will have built a successful builder business. All started with the single idea of being willing to do what other Realtors are unwilling to do.


Bob Hafer has been a leader in the housing industry for 40 + years.  His extensive experience gives him unparalleled insight into the mysteries and marvels of home buying and selling. His background includes new home success in consulting, management, administration, sales, marketing, merchandising, research and sales training.  In 2009, to complement his new home experience, he earned his real estate license. He is currently the VP of Business Development for In 2016 Bob co-founded with Ben Caballero. Its mission is to connect Builders and Realtors through communication and education. Contact Bob at or call him at 972-795-5926.


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