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Dunhill Homes Builds In Top Selling Communities In The US


Dunhill Homes, an Alliance Builder Member, is in the thick-of-it when it comes to constructing new homes in areas that Americans truly desire to live in and raise families. That home-buying interest is evident when one takes a serious look at various communities from Florida to Colorado to Texas that draw home-buyers in, due to a variety of factors. And taking a ‘good hard look’ is exactly what Metrostudy did when they compared the highest number of loan closings and homes sold in 2015 across the United States. The data uncovered is quite compelling and, certainly, worth noting. As a side note, Metrostudy is the nation’s premier resource regarding real-estate insight dealing with development, marketing and economic issues.

The Communities

When we take a peek at the data, we find that out of the 25 top-selling communities in the US, Dunhill Homes is active in three of them, all located in close proximity to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex: 1) Paloma Creek South 2) Sunset Pointe and 3) Frisco Hills. But what would make these three communities so appealing? Let’s take a quick peek.

To begin with, when it comes to metropolitan areas within the US, the Dallas/Fort Worth area is ranked as the 4th largest and qualifies as the economic and cultural hub of North Texas. This region of The Lone Star State offers a vast and rich array of cultural and recreational options; and regardless of one’s age or personal interests, a plethora of activities, abound!

Near the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area, one will find the enchanting community of Little Elm. Little Elm’s corporate town limits has more than 66 miles of shoreline on Lewisville Lake; and the scenic setting exudes a Norman-Rockwell type of small-town charm. Home-owners, here, love the countless ways nature can be enjoyed including wood-chipped trails where hiking and biking activities take in numerous canopied areas and multiple lake access points. In 2013, the FBI designated Little Elm as the safest city in Texas!

The three home communities, within the top 25 regarding homes sold in 2015, came in as follows:

*** #6-Paloma Creek South – Located in Little Elm with 309 homes sold

*** #24-Sunset Pointe – Located in Little Elm with 199 homes sold

*** #25-Frisco Hills – Located in Little Elm with 198 homes sold

It’s All About Location, Location, Location

Dallas/Fort Worth, and the communities within it and surrounding it, are enjoying a robust real-estate market, reflective of an economy that is thriving. The US Department of Commerce provides what is called a GMP (Gross Metropolitan Product – similar to the GNP) which indicates the size and health of a metro’s economy. Not only does the GMP for Dallas/Fort Worth come in 6th nationally; but it ranks 10th in the entire world!

Being embedded in the progressiveness and energy one sees and feels in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is exciting and beckoning! Along with that, Dunhill Homes is proud to be a part of some of the most-thriving and coveted home-communities in this part of Texas and the entire country! We offer a distinguished collection of exquisitely-crafted residences in Paloma Creek South, Sunset Pointe and Frisco Hills. Come see us!


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