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“I am encouraged that this certification will increase my credibility to my clients. New home construction sales are a large portion of my marketing and sales plan for 2022.”

Kathryn Saenger, December 2022

“Robert Hafer is an awesome instructor. He brought in awesome instructors as well. Great material and valuable information too!”

Reuben Gregorian, December 2021

“My experience with the New Home Sales Agent Certification Program was excellent and extremely rewarding. The instructors did an excellent job. I am privileged to have taken this course and have gladly recommended four of my friends to take this course and earn the Certification.”

Vincent Oghobaase, November 2021

“The class was very good. I really enjoyed learning all that was provided.”

Angela Brenner, December 2021

“This class was excellent. The course is very well organized & the content is absolutely the best. All the instructors were knowledgeable and experienced in new home sales. I learned so much! I am looking forward to monitoring the classes in the future. I recommend this to all agents interested in selling new construction homes.”

Carol Gober, November 2021

“I loved this whole series of classes. I’m a newer agent and needed all this valuable information moving forward to build my business. I now feel more confident to walk into New Home Sales Offices to try and offer their products to my clients. Thanks to all the instructors that helped me gain more knowledge!”

Tracy Thomas, November 2021

“The course was chock full of valuable content! Well organized. Keep up the excellent work!”

Roberta Kelly, October 2021

“You are doing a wonderful job with the training. It was extremely informative and enlightening. I feel like I got a good education in new home sales. Please keep up the excellent work. I look forward to taking other classes with you and your team.”

Adey Sewoniku, October 2021

“I want to thank you for teaching and inviting others to speak/teach on new construction sales. The materials are exceptional and its information that I’ve been looking for.”


Viola Richardson, October 2021

“Thank you so much for this new home building class! It was highly informative and I’m ready to apply many of the things learned.”

Ivonne Atkins, October 2021

“Great Courses Bob, thanks again!  You and the entire team of instructors did an excellent job! I look forward to serving new home buyers in the Houston New Home market.”

Delisa Meyers, October 2021

“The training was great! I have a lot more knowledge now regarding new home builders. I used my new-found knowledge yesterday during a new build transaction. If you have any other classes that I can take, let me know.”

Sabrina Kirkpatrick, October 2021

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