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“This course was super informative and will be an asset to my real estate career for years to come”.

Karla Pruitt, March 2021

“I just wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed the class and have just now registered for the other 5! Thanks for all the “stuff”. I’m sure it will come in handy.”

Helen Kay Stewart, February 2021

“I was apprehensive about taking this class but SO glad I did! I learned an incredible amount of information about working with new home builders and their salespeople. I feel so confident now to approach the subject with my clients. I’m looking forward to my first new home build conversation. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Martina Boeger, February 2021

“What an unbelievable class! Bob & his group come from the business of new home building and show you the workings behind the hammer! They educate you on how to negotiate with the new home sales reps and builders. They offer essential information to make your client and the builder happy. I’m so happy I made the decision to take this class!”

Kristine Patrick, February 2021

“The new home sales agent course was interesting course with a great deal of information. I will be sure to pass this course along to other agents. Thank you.”

Rolanda Walker, January 2021

“There was so much information in the 2-day course. I feel more prepared to work with builders and their representative towards a win-win for all involved.”

Marta Castaneda, January 2021

“This was a great program with a lot of useful information. Thank you so much for providing this certification. I know it will help me grow my business.”

Forreste Markowitz, January 2021

“The information presented during the six courses will help me grow the new construction portion of my business. With inventory or re-sale so low I know I needed another option for buyer clients, and this was “on target”. I liked how the information was very practical and I know it will allow me to talk/negotiate with an in-house sales agent without sounding like a complete newbie. I also liked how you were clear that it will take work to convert these plans into sales. Too many agents are looking for a quick fix, but it really does not exist. I plan to join Dallas Builders Association and hope to meet you in person someday. Thanks”

Harold Boot, January 2021

“I just completed the 2-day New Home Sales Agent certification program, and it was AMAZING!! The instruction was quite easy to understand, and the power point presentations were extremely helpful.”

Rebecca Bryson, January 2021

“The New Home Sales Agent Certification program is one of the best courses I have ever taken.  I felt as though each part of it was very practical and could be put in use immediately”.

Jude Heinz, January 2021

“Bob Hafer did an incredible job explaining the entire new home sales process! Honestly, one of the best courses I’ve ever taken that really seem to be “real world” useful!!! It was detailed enough, gave incredible advice to not only help me as an agent, but even more importantly how to help my clients throughout their entire process. I also really appreciated how the material was delivered to understand and reflect on all party’s perspective, as certainly they are different. It was a great class and I’m incredibly grateful for the knowledge and expertise that Bob shared throughout the class to make me a better Realtor!”

Eric Malstrom, December 2020

“The New Home Sales Agent Certification Program was an excellent class, highly informative. Really enjoyed the topics that were selected.”

Gieshia Brathwaite, December 2020

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