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“I enjoyed the How to Successfully Negotiate with a New Home Builder course. The information presented will be very beneficial.”

Kaylyn Nicholas, November 2022

“Good class; I appreciate learning about green-built new homes. I have a lot more to learn.”

Robbie Palm, November 2022

“It was a great class. Thank you for the opportunity. Look forward to the next classes.”

Kendra Partain, November 2022

“I have been selling real estate for 42 years. I have never sat in a class where the instructor kept my attention for 2 hours. You are a gifted teacher with useful information. I wish I had known this early on in my career. I can only move forward. I appreciate you sharing material with the class. Wonderful experience.”

Linda Tillet, November 2022

“Great class with valuable information.”

Denise Moore, November 2022

“Great class! Value added, for sure. Looking forward to the next one.”

Ricardo Salinas, November 2022

“The course was full of useful information. Thank you.”

Agnes Chioma, November 2022

“I absolutely loved the class. So informative! Thank you for all the information.”

Norma Barrett, September 2022

I really enjoyed taking each class. This was my second time, and they were even more informative. You and the other Instructors are truly knowledgeable in your chosen fields, and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to attend. Thank you very much for your time and the materials that we are now able to access. As you already know, it’ll provide an excellent source of information. Many thanks again and I look forward to future classes.


Viola Richardson

“I took the new build series, and it was informative and enjoyable.  It benefited my new home business and knowledge. “

Alisha DaRonco, June 2022

“The course is well structured; information is on point and especially useful. The instructor was amazing, provided us with additional information and videos after the course. Truly knowledgeable!”

Una Omerovic, April 2022

“Great classes and exceptionally good instructors”.

Renee Bachman, March 2022

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