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“I took the new build series, and it was informative and enjoyable.  It benefited my new home business and knowledge. “

Alisha DaRonco, June 2022

“The course is well structured; information is on point and especially useful. The instructor was amazing, provided us with additional information and videos after the course. Truly knowledgeable!”

Una Omerovic, April 2022

“Great classes and exceptionally good instructors”.

Renee Bachman, March 2022

“Great class. Highly informative and easy to follow.”

Jessica Ellis, March 2022

“Great Class. Highly informative and educational.”

Georgia Garrett, March 2022

“Thank you to Bob Hafer and Tag Gilkeson for the exceptionally informative classes. Very well prepared and conducted by these exemplary professionals. Thank you for the opportunity to earn the New Home Sales Agent Certification.”

Richard Valle, March 2022

“I completed all the courses this week with you. Thanks for all the information. It was worth it as I’m currently helping a client buy a new home here in Austin and all the information you provided makes me feel more confident about the process going forward.”

Travis Nevill, March 2022

Thank you so much. This was the best CE Class I’ve taken. This Class & Certification were worth the time and investment!

Carina Smith, March 2022

“Very informational. Glad I attended. Thank you so much!

Gail Spadaro, February 2022

“This was a great class. Full of the latest information. The instructors were great! Thank you!”

Kristina Cedillo, January 2022

“I am encouraged that this certification will increase my credibility to my clients. New home construction sales are a large portion of my marketing and sales plan for 2022.”

Kathryn Saenger, December 2022

“Robert Hafer is an awesome instructor. He brought in awesome instructors as well. Great material and valuable information too!”

Reuben Gregorian, December 2021

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