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“The class was great! So much information packed into two hours but organized and presented well. I had been planning to take the other classes when they come up, but now I know I will. Thank you!”

Evangelina Velva, September 2021

“I was impressed with the subject matter and topics picked for focus that are truly relevant for a Real Estate Sales Professional who has desire to offer more than the typical agent offers to clients. The Green Building techniques touches on a issue of great interest to me. Additionally, the general training provides excellent skills to work within the builder’s world and reach maximum success – refreshed things I’ve learned in the past with a 2021 eye. Excellent instructors and format!”

Laura Grosskreutz, September 2021

“I really enjoyed this class and feel like I learned a lot. I was able to secure a new build contract with one of my buyers yesterday and feel the knowledge I gained helped to instill confidence in my buyers, especially the building process, and knowing the right questions to ask the on-site agent.”

Donna Tappan, 2021

“I enjoyed the classes and appreciate all of the “extras” that you have sent.  I will recommend this class to fellow agents.”

Mikie Stanfield, September 2021

“Thank you so much for a very well put together certification course.  All the instructors were great at presenting their topics.  I have my first client that’s a to-be-built home; I’m thrilled this came through my email and I was able to take the courses at this time.  I feel much more confident and better equipped with knowledge and resources moving forward in this process. And thank you for sharing all these wonderful documents and videos!  You have a wonderful way of teaching and I feel encouraged to have someone like you in our industry.  I hope to take more courses from you.”

Liz Parsley, September 2021

“Thank you! This was a great 2-day course that delivered way more than I was expecting! Well Done guys!”

Frances Moreno, September 2021

“This was a life changing course that I will cherish and utilize in my career! Thanks so much for all of your knowledge!”

Rashada Hemingway, August 2021

“I loved all the information! Highly informative and to the point. Thank you!”

Rosy Hernandez, August 2021

“Excellent and knowledgeable presenter. I really enjoyed his course, and he answered everyone’s questions. I can’t wait to take some more courses from your company.”

David Wood, July 2021

“Great class! Lots of helpful and much needed information provided!”

Patricia Serenil, July 2021

“Thank you so much for offering this class. I really enjoyed learning more about the various aspects we reviewed. I already have a good knowledge base for new construction, but I learned a lot and enjoyed it very much.”

Brandi Sitter, June 2021

“I loved this certification. It was the best investment I’ve made in a long time. Not only was the content great; the instructors were helpful in trying to take time to answer our questions. My only regret was that there is not a longer more formal school in place because we covered so much content, so quickly, and I wish there were more opportunities to work with your team of professionals in the future. 5 out of 5 stars.”

Tim Laborde, May 2021

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