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New Home Sales Agent Certification, Inc. is a TREC Approved Education Provider

HomesUSAAlliance is proud to announce its 2-Day New Home Sales Agent Certification Program is now available through Zoom. To qualify for the New Home Sales Agent Certification, agents must complete all six (6) CE courses, which cost $195. Courses do not need to be taken in any specific order and can also be taken as individual courses. Courses are offered by, Inc. , CE provider #10211. Within 1-2 business days of completion, CE credits will be posted to your TREC license education history under the six, separate course titles listed on our Course Offerings webpage. The New Home Sales Agent Certification will not appear on your TREC license education history. Instead, we will send the certificate and logo to you separately. To preview available Certification Program Dates, go to Course Calendar. All upcoming Program Dates, are available, by month. Agents can register directly through the Course Calendar.

Zoom System and TREC CE Credits Requirements

System Requirements

  • You are required to have a camera and audio equipment to participate. Most laptops have this feature as do most portable devices. Please review
    the system requirements provided by Zoom: To participate in the class, the instructor and course monitor must be able to maintain visual and audio with you in order for you to receive credit.
  • Your camera must remain stable during the class.
  • Please note that a wired connection is optimal and will be less likely
    dropped from the class, which would result in forfeiture of CE credit

Login/check - in for classes

  • Classes will be held via If you have not downloaded this application to your device, you should do that before your class date as well as test your video and audio connection.
  • Sign on with the following name "your Association - Last Name, First Name"
  • Please send a screenshot of your driver's license to Your driver's license will serve as the TREC-required photo identification to
    ensure and verify CE credit.

Rules for CE Credit

  • Just as in the classroom, the rules for CE Credit in the Zoom Virtual Classroom apply here, as well.
  • Students will be monitored throughout the course for participation.
  • Performing other tasks on your equipment is not allowed during class time.
  • The instructor will provide time for breaks and lunch (where applicable)
  • At no time should the student log off during the class.
  • If you must step away from your computer for any reason or have any concerns during the course, use the chat feature to let the course monitor know.
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