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Day One

Building Your Real Estate Business Through New Home Sales

Have you ever had a prospect call you to announce that they bought a new home over the weekend and will not be buying the re-sale home you thought they would? If so, learn from it, and do not shy away from selling new homes. Whether you are a new or experienced agent, we want to encourage you to become involved with the new home builders and sales representatives in your area. If you check with the top agents in your market you will probably discover that a share of their total sales is from new homes.

Course Instructor: Bob HaferCourse TREC Number:  42257 | Course Credits: 2

Everything You Need to Know About New Home Construction

Tackling a complex construction issue without understanding the basic process is like becoming a professional weight lifter, without training or ever lifting weights. An understanding of the construction process can benefit everyone from agents to the customer and to the builder. Before decisions can be made and ground can be broken, everyone needs to be working for the same goal from the same understanding.

Course Instructor: Barry HensleyCourse TREC Number: 42469 | Course Credits: 2

Green Homes

How to Recognize a Green Built New Home

Green building is the hottest term in new home construction today, but what is green building? The only supportable definition of a green built home is a home that has been built, tested and certified to meet the requirements of a recognized green building program. If the sales agent cannot give you a positive response and provide documentation, then your client is not buying a ‘Green Built Home’.

Course Instructor: Barry HensleyCourse TREC Number: 42461 | Course Credits: 2

Day Two

How to Negotiate Successfully with a New Home Builder

Learn how to negotiate with a home builder for the best possible outcome including; price, options, home, lot, mortgage and title services. One of the great truths about sales is the answer is no until you ask. It is imperative that agents do their research, talk with a builder’s sales agent, set realistic expectations with clients and then go out and ask for the best deal possible. In life, people get what they ask for, so agents must ask for what they want. If they are fair, reasonable and professional they just might be surprised and get it.

Course Instructor: Bob HaferCourse TREC Number: 42255 | Course Credits: 2

Understanding New Home Builder Contracts and Addendums

Agents need to understand that builder contracts and addendums vary and are unique to the builder. That builder contracts and addendums will favor the builder and must be reviewed by the agent prior to a client signing the agreement. However, builder contracts and addendums are not to be feared but must be understood. Builders want to protect themselves just like agents want to protect their clients. The key to success in the builder contract process is communication.

Course Instructor: Chris HartleyCourse TREC Number: 42449 | Course Credits: 2

New Home Construction Blueprint Reading for Realtors

Blueprints are 2-dimensional architectural design drawings that indicate the size of a planned home, the materials to be used in its construction, and the placement of its features. Architects and builders use blueprints and written specifications to communicate to construction workers how the home is to be constructed. Learning to read blueprints is essential not only for construction workers but also for agents who desire to sell new homes, so that they can help their clients make a more informed housing decision.

Course Instructor: Tag GilkersonCourse TREC Number: 42481 | Course Credits: 1

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