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How To Recognize A Green Built Home

  • October 15, 2018
    2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

HomesUSAAlliance Certification hosted at Dallas Builders Association

Course Provider Number: 10211 Course TREC Number: 33668 Course Credits: 2 CE Credits Course Instructor: Barry Hensley


Course Overview:

Green building is the hottest term in new home construction today, but what is green building? If you ask 100 people, you may get 100 different answers. The only supportable definition of a green built home is a home that has been built, tested and certified to meet the requirements of a recognized green building program.

When a builder’s sales agents tell you, “This is a green built home”, your first question should be: “Under what program was the home tested and certified and can you provide the supporting documentation?” If the sales agent cannot give you a positive response and provide documentation, then your client is not buying a ‘Green Built Home’.

This is not to say the builder is not using some green building products. They most likely are, but it’s important to understand that green building is not a single product, amenity or construction practice. It is a whole house approach to building that maximizes your client’s value in the home while minimizing the impact of construction and home ownership on the environment.

This course is designed to equip agents with the expertise to properly address the subject of Green Building as it relates to residential construction.

Successfully completing this 2-hour seminar teaches agents the following:

  1. The knowledge to understand what makes a home ‘Green’, and why some homes only claim to be ‘Green’
  2. About the various Green Building programs, including those unique to certain home builders and/or geographies
  3. The knowledge of Green Certification and why it is important
  4. The knowledge to communicate advantages of Green-Built homes to prospective buyers
  5. How to be able to sell the value of Green Building
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