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Green Is Great!

Consumers are more informed than ever and more conscious about their environment and the impact that their lives have on it. When that same consciousness can also save them about 30% on energy and utilities, it’s easy to see why new homes are focusing on Green Building.

Green Homes

Green Home Building is Popular with Buyers

As a new generation of homebuyers enters the market, builders often must cater to their needs. From the 2-car garage, to non-asbestos insulation building new homes requires that changes be made to keep up with the demand. Buyers are enticed by these “modern” amenities and that plays a big role in purchasing decisions.

So what items do buyers expect these days in the Modern Green Home?

  • High performance, multi-paned windows with low-E (low energy conducting) glass
  • And windows with an insulating layer of inert gases between panes of glass
  • Engineered wood beams, joists and trusses
  • More efficient heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems
  • Increased demand for water-saving features such as dual-flush toilets and low-flow faucets

Energy Star Certified homes are also in high demand. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) oversees this program and has more than 400,000 certified homes in Texas alone. There are many steps to becoming Energy Star Certified which can be found on their site In addition to the large number of buyers interested in Energy Star Certified homes, many companies offer additional incentives to building green.

Increased buyer awareness, builder incentives, unique amenities – It’s easy to see that with green building, everyone wins!


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