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6 Ideas To Turn Off Your Computer And Increase Sales

Technology has become such a big part of our lives that we sometimes forget that it’s impossible to sell a house without meeting face-to-face. There are so many distractions online these days that it’s hard to get your message heard. It’s time to get creative going beyond technology to meet people.  RIS Media recently featured an article listing the following 6 ideas to grow your network:

1. Start a Meetup Group about Real Estate: You can run events once a month about different aspects of the real estate business. People who are looking to buy or sell are the ones most likely to attend. You can even get people started repairing their credit so they can afford more.

2. Find Classes Held by Financial Planners, Attorneys, and CPAs: People with money attend these workshops. Often they will have real estate needs as well. You can learn something from the class, network with the people running the program, and potentially pick up some clients along the way. That’s a triple win!

3. Hold a House Cooling Party for Your Sellers: Instead of buying a closing gift, host a party for the sellers to say good-bye to their house. Then make a video for the sellers by asking the guests to tell stories of good memories they have from the house. Tell the guests that this video is going to be your closing gift for the sellers. Everyone you talk to will be so impressed that you care that you will immediately become their agent of choice when they look to buy or sell.

4. Run a Home Staging Class at Your Local Home Depot: If you live near a Home Depot, offer to come in and teach a class on staging your home to sell. Homeowners who are in the pre-listing, fix-it-up stage will come out and you can get some good leads.

5. Custom Landing Pages for Listings: Put a rider on each listing you own with a custom landing page for that listing (I know – this isn’t new) but as a pop-up before they get to the page, make a video talking about the home-buying process and why it’s important for a buyer to have an agent working for them. Then suggest that they call you to set up an appointment. And have an app that offers to call you right now if they just click the button. (Remember, the goal is to get to talk to them!)

6. Go to Corporations in the Area and Offer to Be Their Real Estate Expert: Corporations are always looking for low or no-cost ways to offer additional perks to their employees. Offer to answer questions, provide insight, and generally be on call to their people for all their residential real estate needs. You can even take your blog posts and offer them to the corporation as content for their in-house newsletter – thereby giving all of their employees an introduction to you.

Each of these ideas uses technology without leaving you hiding behind it. And this is what technology is meant to do: provide leverage to make sales. So turn off your computer and go make some sales!

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