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It Takes 22 Subcontractors To Build The Average Single Family Home

It Takes 22 Subcontractors to Build the Average Single Family HomeA previous post I wrote discussed How Long Does it Take to Build a Single-Family Home? I wrote that labor throughout the Metroplex was in high demand and, unfortunately, in short supply and that fact was adding days, and in some instances, weeks to building time. This is significant because subcontractors play such a vital role in the construction of a typical home.

To put the importance of subcontractors into perspective the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) addressed the topic in the September 2015 Special Study in Housing Economics.  The study clearly shows that builders’ use of subcontractor’s remains as strong as ever.   For example, 70 percent of builders typically use somewhere between 11 and 30 subcontractors to build a single-family home.  On average, 22 different subcontractors are used to build a home.

The list of subcontractors, to name a few include: heating and air conditioning, electrical wiring, plumbing, foundation, drywall, kitchen cabinets, countertops, flooring and many more. As a Realtor you may be saying to yourself, “So what. I just show and sell. It is not my responsibility to get the home built.” Well, you are partially correct. You are not responsible for managing construction but you did introduce your client to the builder and your client is going to hold you responsible for building delays.

It is a good idea to understand the construction process and the trades involved so you can provide professional advice and direction to your clients before delays occur. Attending MetroTex’s 2-hour CE seminar ‘Construction 101’ is designed to equip you with a basic knowledge of residential construction in a manner that allows you to communicate with your clients and properly manage their expectations.

To learn more about selling new homes consider taking MetroTex’s New Home Sales Certification Program. There are 6 seminars and you earn 11 CE credits. To learn more about the program you can call or email Bob Hafer at or 972-795-5926. I look forward to talking with or seeing you in an upcoming New Home Sales Certification Program seminar. With my best wishes for continuing success, good luck and good selling.


Bob Hafer has been a leader in the housing industry for 40 + years.  His extensive experience gives him unparalleled insight into the mysteries and marvels of home buying and selling. His background includes new home success in consulting, management, administration, sales, marketing, merchandising, research and sales training.  In 2009, to complement his new home experience, he earned his real estate license. He is currently the VP of Business Development for In 2016 Bob co-founded with Ben Caballero. Its mission is to connect Builders and Realtors through communication and education. Contact Bob at or call him at 972-795-5926.


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