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Lock And Leave Lifestyle

Guest blog post by Alliance Member: Starkey Mortgage

Baby Boomers are a huge demographicstarkey2 of housing consumers due to their change in lifestyle from downsizing to a desire to travel. They are not seeking out 3000 sq. ft. homes with massive yards. They are wanting a low maintenance lifestyle without the headaches of exterior upkeep.

Home builders are listening.

With all the features that come in single family homes, it’s an easy transition for most. One major advantage a new townhome has over a traditional home is energy consumption. It’s amazing how well these homes are insulated as well as the benefit of having 1 or 2 walls not exposed to the elements.

Now, there are some negative feelings out there towards sharing a wall with your neighbor, but if you look at how these homes are built its really not much different than a single family resident (SFR). Noise bleed through has all but been eliminated due to firewalls and sound dampening insulation. This isn’t your cheap apartment conjoined walls. It’s really quite impressive.

It’s a lifestyle that is catching on with the Millennial consumer as well. With no time or desire to do yard work or fix and repair your fence and flowerbeds, this has become a ever-increasing popular option over an SFR.starkey

Do yourself a favor, as a real estate professional, educate yourself with this style of home. Know who the builders are and where they are developing these communities. The simple fact that most town homes consists of 4 units per building means they w
ill have plenty of “quick move-in” or inventory homes. 30 day closings are every Realtors dream.

Starkey Mortgage excels at new construction lending and is considered the experts of Townhomes. If you have questions regarding the process and what’s different between the financing side of Townhomes and SFR’s, please utilize us as your source for mortgage information.

Mike Turk – SVP Area Manager, NMLSR# 219193


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