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Military Heroes Honored With Mortgage-Free Homes

holcomb-home-exterior-768x509This article was originally published by on June 27, 2016.

Military members and their families make life-changing sacrifices while in the service of their country. To show them gratitude, several Texas builders have volunteered to build custom homes that these real-life heroes can call their very own.

Operation FINALLY HOME (OFH) is a Texas-based nonprofit that provides custom-built, mortgage-free homes to wounded or ill veterans, as well as to families of those who died while on active duty. As one of its charitable partners, the Dallas Builders Association (DBA) has been involved in the construction of six OFH-sponsored homes.

Last week, a dedication ceremony was held to officially turn over a brand-new custom home to U.S. Army Sgt. First Class Jerry Holcomb and his family. Sgt. Holcomb suffers from the long-term effects of substantial brain trauma – among other health issues – resulting from three separate incidents involving close-range grenade explosions.

“This is a very small gesture compared to the tremendous sacrifice and service these vets gave for our country,” said Mike Mishler, owner of Mishler Builders Inc. which built the Holcombs’ home. “But it’s very rewarding to know we’ve helped make a difference in their lives and for the members of their family.”

Sgt. Holcomb first learned that he had been selected as a program beneficiary during a surprise announcement made to him and his wife last year in a special ceremony held during an FC Dallas soccer game.

“Every step along the way has been such a great opportunity for all of us,” Mishler said. “It’s hard to put into words – you just can’t experience something like this anywhere else.”


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