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Lisa Vanek

I truly enjoyed the courses offered for the NHSAC. Hearing how builders think gives me more insight on how to negotiate for my clients and understand what is negotiable and what might not be in order to make it a “win, win” for the builder and my client. Learning more about builder contracts gave me the information needed to provide advice and opinion to my clients and knowing the importance of dates contained within or missing from the contract.¬†Being exposed to the Green information and Blueprint Reading touched on some subjects that I didn’t know much about, and I feel more confident now in having discussions on these topics. For me, being a “good agent”, is about educating myself so that I might provide information to my clients so that they can make informed decisions. Knowledge equals confidence for me as an agent and adds value and worth to my clients. Knowledge truly is power. Thank you for contributing to my confidence and making me a better agent! I look forward to additional information regarding any new certifications and classes you may offer!

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